Free Angela – The Movie of Its Time

The Civil Rights ended with the beginning of a cause that led African-Americans to focus on political power, a voice in education, and a voice in education.  The movie Free Angela may reveal to the masses the struggles and challenges that an African-American woman would have to go through in the realm of higher education.  Especially during a time where women were still being objectified and ridiculed for attempting to lead.  Her strength was a representation of black unity and the diversity of American  culture.

The University of California – Berkley was a place where cultures would collide and became a melting pot of emotions.  The Communist Party and the Black Panthers were groups that did not support the powers of America.  Prison reform being at the top of her agenda it shows the value of each individual in the American society.  Looking to give “Power to the People” and less government authority.  The legal system has been and will always be a problem for the common person.  Ideally her cause was separate from all other issues as she became focal point being a professor.

Her impact on global issues and local recourse shows that this movie can develop a new level of leaders.   This movie would continue to inspire and cultivate new leaders for the next generation.  This will help enable a legacy associated with the black power movement and the total African-American struggle.  As a documentary you get the real account of the situations and circumstances that black citizens were required to endure and hurdles that kept them from opportunities for success.


AWP 2013: That Genre Thing Again

AWP 2013: That Genre Thing Again


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